Bringing quite literary generations of knowledge about color to the table is one thing that sets Southeastern Group apart from all others.  While their professional staff will come in and paint a room the exact hue a homeowner or their designer requests, owner Steven Politis excels in creating a palette that is customized for each homeowner.  “From the moment I walk into the room and see what is around; from the furnishings to the art to the accessories; I’m thinking about how I’m going to create the perfect color for the room.” Steven Politis began his career helping his father and uncle in the family business. At a young age, Politis ventured out on his own, founding a successful firm that was sought after by many of the top designers in New York and New Jersey(some of whom still call him today) “I learned so much from them.  Those designers were essential in helping me put my vision together of what color can do for a space, he notes.

Interior/Exterior Painting

Southeastern Group uses the very best in paint products that will last for many years to come.  All of our product and services come with warranties and guarantees.  From the interior walls of your homes to the exterior walls, Southeastern Group is the paint company you can trust.      

Wood Restoration

Southeastern Group wood restoration is flawless.  This process involves stripping, and refinishing using the highest quality stain products available in the industry designed to outperform and outlast any competing brands.              

Dry Rot Siding and Trim Repair

Dry rot is always a concern in extreme weather areas. Weather such as this stresses building materials to create ideal conditions for dry rot development. Learning to take steps to prevent it, and catch it early if it does develop, can save homeowners time and money.   Dry rot is a generic term for a variety of wood fungi, which cause mildew, mold, staining and decaying in wood. In order for dry rot to develop, it requires a certain combination of moisture and heat and air. If the conditions are right, it can occur before you can visually detect it, within four to six months.   The reason that it becomes a problem is that infected wood loses its structural integrity. Once detected, this damaged wood must be totally replaced, or the fungi, will continue to spread and cause more damage. Dry rot can also attract pests such as termites, which only compound the problem. Repairing dry rot cannot be postponed, because as the damage increases, so does the cost to repair it.   Where is Dry Rot most likely to develop? Dry rot can be found both inside and outside your home. The most common areas inside are the bathroom, under kitchen sinks, in window sills around sweating windows, in thresholds near sliding glass doors, in the attic from a leaky roof and in the walls, particularly in homes which have concrete slab foundations.   Outside dry rot can occur in wood siding and trim, eaves of the roof, decks and other wooden landscape structures. Windows and doors are a prime location for dry rot due to improper flashing and caulking.      


No matter how high the ceiling or  how challenging the project, Southeastern Group is known for their ceiling preservation and transformations.

Faux Design

We like to call this the process of taking a piece of art work you cherish and creating that design on your wall.


From stamped concrete to staining, Southeastern Group makes your driveway the most durable and beautiful.



Southeastern Group is your resource for beautiful trim and carpentry work. Trim and molding is the finishing touch that completes a beautiful room. Trim can come in many different shapes, sizes and designs. Our experienced carpenters will install a trim package for your home on your budget with your vision.



Let Southeastern Group transform your garage into an organized, attractive room that functions for you and your family.  We will help you select the right floor coating and cabinets that will add beauty and functionality to your garage.  We offer solutions that work with any budget and an end result that will make your garage the new favorite room of the house. Southeastern Group can help you with garage flooring in many high quality, stain resistant, easy to maintain surfaces as well as garage cabinets in an array of styles and colors creating an organized garage that serves the right purpose. Southeastern Group can also help you with organizing shelf systems for your garage that will maximize your storage space and allow you to easily find any gardening tool, storage box, tools and sporting equipment. Garage makeovers happen to be another of our favorite specialty services.

Odds & Ends

You name it, we can do it.  No matter what your "Honey To Do List" consists of, give us a call and let us do it for you! Click here to see our "Honey to do list"